Studies and Research

Youth-related Problems in the Eastern Province: Problems and Solutions

The study attempts to identify the problems facing the youth throughout the Eastern Province and their underlying reasons as revealed by available government documents. The study also evaluates the efficiency of current government programs in tackling these problems. The study also outlines applicable recommendations to be included in the region’s development plan; taking into account available resources.

Furthermore, the study seeks to incorporate its recommendations into the region's short-term and long-term action plan to tackle youth-related problems. The study includes key samples of youth, guardians, teachers, security authorities and sociologists. The study will use a questionnaire and personal interviews formats (i.e., individual and groups) to collect data, as well as analysis of official government documents and field visits.

No doubt the result of the current study will have positive applications that will contribute to solve some youth-related problems, which are considered obstacles to social development. It is anticipated that the results of this research will greatly contribute to revealing the region's youth-related problems their underlying causes.

Moreover, the results will help in developing immediate solutions through an operational plan based on available government’s resources. The adopted solutions will be sensitive to the laws and regulations in the country, and also will take into account the security aspects, which are fundamental for the establishment of modern societies. These solutions will ensure therapeutic, preventive and developmental targets, as well as recommendations that will be the nucleus of the short and long terms goals of the strategic plan.