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Saudi Women in the Work Place: Challenges and Solutions

This study aims to identify job opportunities available to women in Saudi Arabia, and the obstacles hindering full employment of qualified Saudi women. The study also examines existing regulations to uncover areas that negatively influence women's employment. The study will make recommendations for policy making decisions which should allow women to play a more positive role in the social and economic development of this country and fulfill their legitimate ambitions. 
The study will survey a group of women, guardians and officials in both government and private sectors. In collecting the data, there will be individual and group interviews; and official documents will also be analyzed.

It is anticipated that the results of the current study will help in overcoming the challenges faced by women in the job market. At its conclusion we hope to have a clear picture on the types of job available to women, and the rules and regulations that need to be modified or enacted to facilitate women's joining the Saudi workforce; without jeopardizing the Islamic and traditional values of the Saudi Culture.