Studies and Research

The Roles and Performance of Governors and Community Leaders in Promoting Security

The duty of which Governors, community leaders, mayors and tribal sheikhs must play in Promoting national security in the country has been clearly set by law. However, the implementation of this duty might be met with individual shortcomings; material or human challenges; or administrative, organizational and social constraints. In this section, we will try to outline current reality of the work completed by governors, community leaders, mayors and tribal sheikhs. Since all these officials work under the governor's direct aegis, their work performance is evaluated from HRH point of view. The research will be conducted on a selected sample where information will be gathered, analyzed and evaluated to determine if their achievements fit the goals they were assigned. Several issues related to the research objectives have been raised.

The aim of the group interview is to determine the current position of the role of governors, community leaders, and mayors in order to identify ways to enhance their performance in promoting regional development and national security.  The summary will also include the Emirate's official position on the issues raised, and the recommendations.