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The Role of Mayors and Tribal Sheikhs in Promoting Security and Social Stability in the Kingdom

Mayors, tribal sheikhs and others are names of social positions long recognized even in old Arab societies. People resort to these social figures to solve their problems which make them decision-makers. The functions of the mayor arise from the need of society. The problems and concerns that the mayor must tackle are different from one city to the next. Likewise, the mayor's functions and powers; as well as those of tribal sheikhs, vary from one society to another and from one state to another.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, mayors and tribal sheikhs play an important role in their respective towns/cities and tribes. They contribute actively to solve conflicts, ensure social stability and solidarity. Mayors function in separate system; their work is supervised and regulated by the Interior Ministry within the framework of public security guidelines. This paper will describe in greater details the security role played by municipalities and tribal sheikhs in safeguarding public security and social stability in the Kingdom.

The Emirate of Eastern province puts a strong emphasis on the role of municipalities in safeguarding public security in the country as they are the closest to citizens and their concerns. That is why the Emir's office has ordered a special review and working paper on mayors and tribal sheikhs. This will be a contribution to the study prepared to that effect by the Ministry of the Interior.