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Relationship between the Eastern Province Emirate and Government Departments and Branches

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sought like most countries in the world to develop private systems of governance and management to protect the country. Three important bodies work closely to this end. They are the Constitutional Law, the Shoura Council, and the Provincial system.

The Provincial system consists essentially of the local government. The Kingdom is divided into thirteen administrative provinces/regions headed each by an Amir (i.e., Prince), who shall exercises his power from the region's governorate. The governor of the region is its prince. He is the highest administrative authority in the region. His duty is to ensure a good functioning of all government departments in his region and their respective officials.

This paper aims to highlight the relationship between the Emirate (i.e., region or province) and the government departments located in that region, and to identify the role which the Emirate can play in the development and coordination of this relationship.