Studies and Research

Optimum Utilization of Youth Energies

When dealing with youth issues in Saudi Arabia, the first thing that comes in mind is the collaborative studies (i.e., previous collaborative research document) prepared by various governmental agencies including the Ministry of the Interior, educational institutions, the Shoura Council and other agencies.  The author of this document cannot ignore the tremendous effort put in preparing it. Nevertheless, we believe that these efforts will benefit from more scientifically conducted research. The current study is comprehensive; its recommendations are based on practice and field trials. It is thus systematic and practical. We want it to be a reference book for every decision-maker when dealing with youth-related issues.

Young people are the future of this nation. They constitute a significant segment of this society and many other societies. They need to participate and we need to work with them. It is the job of the leadership to help shape young people's character, give them the necessary skills and training; and the scientific experience, and rehabilitate those who may have gone astray to insure their adjustment and readiness to assume leadership roles in various sectors of society.

Due to recent advances in science, technology, and communications; the internet, satellites and the advent of globalization, our youth are experiencing an identity crisis. They are constantly bombarded by outside influences causing a collision between their original culture and the concepts coming to them from the west.

Young people feel the urgent need to experience new things, concepts and ideas. They need an outlet for their enormous energy. It is thus necessary to find meaningful activities for the youth to test and invest their abilities in return for meaningful benefit to themselves and to the society.

Many studies have been conducted on youth issues, and the Eastern Province has been supportive of many studies for several reasons. First and most important, the speed at which these changes are occurring. Second, with the Internet, more new data and influences are seeping into the Kingdom's youth community. Third, more and more websites are created which target youth specifically through a cyberspace intellectual and informational warfare. These are the issues this study will address to identify the optimum ways to utilize youth energy in an effective and efficient way.