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Government Work Ethics: A Field Study to Uncover the Best Way to Stabilize Work Ethics of Government Officials

In light of the rapid changes taking place in the contemporary world and the openness of the Kingdom to the outside world, in addition to the new challenges faced by government officials on a daily basis, the performance of government employees can be negatively affected.  This lead to the spread of some phenomenas that are contrary to the ethical and moral foundations of this sector. To face these phenomenas, a scientific study is necessary to understand, analyze its mechanism using scientific approaches, and to find the most efficient ways to eliminate them.
The current study is mostly descriptive in its approach and procedural in its goals. It is a serious attempt to use scientific research to resolve the above stated problem. The study aimed to identify the following:

  1. Identify a sample opinion of government officials on work ethics in the governmental sector to detect the current reality of work ethics in the public sector.
  2. To review the literature on government work ethic stabilization.
  3. To find the best way to stabilize the work ethics of government sector officials using findings of this research and proven methods identified by other recent studies.

This study was carried out in Dammam and its surrounding areas. The sample was made up of 213 government officials. A questionnaire was used to collect information to achieve the objectives of the study and its questions. The questionnaires were distributed to participants and included open questions.

The results showed the existence of some drawbacks with regard to ethics in government agencies. Appropriate recommendations were made to overcome these negatives and provide the best practices to embed ethics in government work.