Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Currency, the Saudi Riyal

The Saudi Riyal is the national currency of for Saudi Arabia. It is divided into 100 Halalas. The following paper denominations exist: One Riyal, five Riyals, ten Riyals, twenty Riyals, fifty Riyals, One hundred Riyals, two hundred Riyals, and five hundred Riyals. In coins, we have One Riyal, fifty Halalas, twenty five Halalas, ten and Halala, and five Halala. There is a fixed rate of conversion of the Saudi Riyal into US Dollars, and that is 3.75 SR for 1 U$. The Kingdom has one of the best banking systems in the Middle East. Two of its banks are among the top 200 banks in the world. Saudi banks offer all the banking services, including ATM services, telephone and Internet banking, credit cards and most other global standard operations.