Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Life in The Kingdom

Aspects of Life in the Kingdom:

There are many English and Arabic daily newspapers in the Kingdom. The two main English newspapers are Arab News and Saudi Gazette. A wide array of foreign newspapers, magazines, Arabic; American; and European books can be found in bookstores. English and French broadcasts on foreign radio stations are accessible through short and medium waves.
Saudi Television consists of four channels covering the whole Kingdom. Channel 1 in entirely Arabic, while Channel 2 is an English channel. These two channels present long films, short programs, and news. The third channel is specialized in international and local sports activities. The fourth channel is a news channel; it started broadcasting in January 2004.
American, Asian, Arab and European satellites networks and Channels can also be received through satellite dishes and decoders. Thanks to its warm desert climate, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor activities. Thus, people are generally involved in a lot of sports, like tennis, squash, cricket, golf, soccer, rugby, football (soccer), etc. Because of its long shorelines, various water sports, such as sailing, swimming, fishing, diving sports (especially in the Red Sea) are practiced.
Horse riding is another favorite sport. Some people love desert and mountain trekking; others love camping in the desert and spending the night under a tent. Visits to wildlife reserves or sanctuaries, to historical and heritage sites inside or outside cities can also be organized.
Much of the general public entertainment is limited to traditional celebrations and cultural festivals during official holidays. Chief among these is the Jenadriyah festival which takes place each year outside Riyadh and lasts for a month. It showcases art crafts, traditional, music, Bedouin arts, and Saudi agricultural products. Camel racing is usually one of the high points of this festival.
In each main city of the Kingdom, you find several supermarkets and shops selling food; there are clothing shops, shops for households’ items, and shops for a wide range of electronics goods. Some of the most well-known brands are sold in shopping centers like IKEA, Habitat, Bhs, and Harvey. Gold necklaces, Italian clothes, gold jewelry, and high-quality Persian rugs and carpets are all available, at generally reasonable prices. There are many international restaurants, serving different kinds of meals.