Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd's Accomplishments Initiatives

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Program for Youth Development Program

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd launched an initiative that reflects his interest in youth issues and that is Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd for Youth Development. The Prince was keen that the Program is responsive to the needs of youth from both sexes, and in line with international trends. The Program became a resort for youth that they turn to satisfy their needs, and face their problems and sufferings. The Program, through the support of Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd, was able to train and employ thousands of young people, and also development of their talents and support of their innovations by establishing a number clubs and incubators. The Program was awarded the DUBAI/UN International Award FOR BEST PRACTICES TO IMPROVE THE LIVING ENVIRONMENT in the year 2002 and the Sharjah Award for Voluntary Work in 2007.