Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd's Accomplishments Initiatives

Care for People with Special Needs

  • Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz College for the Visually Impaired:
    In his endeavor to support disabled individuals, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd observed the disadvantage conditions of the visually impaired despite their remarkable potential and, in many cases, their high mental abilities. As a result, HRH launched the initiative to establish an institution of higher education to this category of the disabled, and the institution was named "Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz College for the Visually Impaired". The College aims at providing an ideal environment to help the people with visual disabilities overcome their difficulties and integrate in the society to realize their ambitions in life.

  • Committee for Social Rehabilitation:
    The Committee aims at rehabilitating and employing individuals who need help and support to face the demands of life. The Committee works on rehabilitating people suffering from problems such as addiction and a following up with them to facilitate their integration in the society.

  • Incubator for Ex-prisoners:
    Youth Released from Rehabilitation Centers and Youth Treated from Addiction. Every year a number of prisoners and youth are released from prisons and rehabilitation centers and also a number of youth leave hospital after overcoming their addiction. These young people usually find themselves unable to integrate with the community and start a new positive and productive life. Therefore, "Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Fund for Humanitarian Development" took note of this sector of the community and provided it with help to integrate into the community and enable it to utilize individual abilities in realizing ambitions. The Incubator was established to overcome the various challenges and it also ensured that all possible help is provided. This includes training and employment and also providing support in starting small projects for those who had entrepreneurial drive. The fund helps them get financial support and provides them with administrative and technical support so that their small projects strive and grow and become successfully implemented and sustainable.

  • Roya Club:
    The Club supports the integration of the visually impaired in the community and their participation in effectively serving the country.

  • HRH Princess Jawaher Bint Nayef Program Autism and Down Syndrome:
    HRH established the Princess Jawaher Bint Nayef Program Autism and Down Syndrome to support children and families affected through support groups, programs, activities and awareness in the field of Autism and Down Sundrome. The program was established at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University and launched in 2016 during HRH visit to the campus.