Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd's Accomplishments Initiatives

Humanitarian Projects

  • SHIFAA Fund:
    Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Fund for Humanitarian Development established SHIFAA Fund Kingdom wide, based on its mission in the different fields of humanitarian development. The Fund aims at treating the ill persons who are facing problems in finding suitable funding for treatment. It also provides medical equipment for the patients and those with special needs. An annual budget is made available for the Fund.

  • Improving the Homes of the Poor:
    Homes of the poor are annually identified and provided with proper maintenance and tailored improvement so as to provide its residents with comfortable and decent environment to live.

  • Overall Care Project to Support Poor Families:
    The Project adopts poor families and provides support to all its members to realize various ambitions and lead decent lives.

  • “Basmat Hayat” Program:
    Basmat Hayat Program was launched to design and execute activities and support groups that provide care to children suffering from cancer and to their families. The Program introduces knowledge and best practices related to dealing with children with cancer and to the affected families and friends. The Program also creates a special environment to host cancer children and give them the psychological and moral attention they need.

  • Marriage Support Program:
    Marriage Support Program was launched to support young people who wish to marry by taking part in the cost of the wedding expenses.