Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd's Accomplishments Initiatives

Women Development

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd launched a number of initiatives to empower the woman and help her achieve her goals while serving her family and society. Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Foundation for Humanitarian Development has numerous achievements in the field of women development, including but not limited to:

  • Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Fund for Women Development:
    Which succeeded in funding a large number of small projects initiated by women.

  • Princess Jawaher Mashael Al-Kheir Center:
    Which qualifies young women for employment in jobs that enable them to face the demands of life.

  • Princess Nouf Bint Mohammad Fund for the Support of Employed Women:
    Which aims at providing psychological and moral support for working women, training them for suitable jobs according to the needs of the workplace and develop them professionally and intellectually.

  • Mahara Program for Qualifying Girls:
    The Program aims at training and equipping young females with computer skills and English language to qualify them for jobs related to information technology in the workplace.

  • Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Program for Youth Development (Female Office):
    It presents different types of services related to training and developing girls and qualifying them to meet the demands of life.